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Doug Peters ft 7 Keyz - Widlene Symphony

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    Doug Peters ft 7 Keyz
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    Nov 21, 2017
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    Canadian Hits
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    $1.00 CAD

Widlene Symphony (Single)

This song was written for international refugee from the Dominican, Widele Earle. She was adopted by two Canadian humanitraians, but after a earthquake the adoption process was reversed, she lost both her parents and at the age of 7 left without any ID, Healthcare or basic human rights.

This song is a letter to our government, who has been notified of this refugee in a crisis situation. Because of the protection and support of these two Canadians, she has not be deported back to Haiti and is currently in hiding as she patiently waits for the Canadian government to finalize the adoption process, before it's too late.

Justin Trudeau has made promises to the public on two occasions to 'Bring Widlene Home'.

This song is featured at the end of the 'Bring Widlene Home' documentary available on our television network through our YouTube channel.

Rating: G

Music Creator: Matthew '7 Keyz' Cooke, all rights reserved. A portion of all sales, will go to the, 'Bring Widlene Home' fund.
Record Label: Broken Silence Records
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"Thanks for listening! Every time you stream, purchase or use my music, I'm one step closer towards my goal, of 100,000 accumulated points for all my streams, downloads and purchases combined. Broken Silence Records keeps track of all these analytics. My stars indicate my points, so everyone can see how close I am to my goal & money that I may collect from Canadian & American, music copyright, collective societies. "

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