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Carley Hope feat 7 Keyz - One For Me

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  • Artist :
    Carley Hope feat 7 Keyz
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  • Release date :
    May 20, 2018
  • Genre :
    Canadian Hits
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    $1.00 CAD

One For Me (Single)

After B Sims layed down this instrumental composition, 7 Keyz picked up his iPad and started writing. Not to long after the song was written and they called Carely Hope into the studio. After the presentation Carley Hope was down to record the song. When the song was complete they all knew a music video had to be done. So they went straight to work. The song is now playing on the biggest independent radio network in Canada with 105.5 Hits FM. Its also available in ITunes, Spotify & other major music online retailers.

Rating: G

Music Creator: Matthew '7 Keyz' Cooke, Brett 'B Sims' Simmonds & Carley Hope, all rights reserved.
Record Label: Broken Silence Records
Canada's Most Trusted Record Label since 2007.
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