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Support Local Music In Your Store

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  • Starts: Mar 7, 2021
  • Ends: Mar 9, 2023
Support Local Music In Your Store

Thanks for listening to Uxbridges greatest hits, with daily plays in stores like,

1. Navarra's Eatery through Spotify, 'Uxbridge's Greatest Hits' playlist.
2. LCBO Uxbridge through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
3. Canadian Tire, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
4. Subway Sandwiches, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
5. Captain Georges Fish & Chips, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
6. Boston Pizza, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
7. 105.5 Hits FM, through a music license (Durham)
8. CIBC, through 105.5 Hits FM
9. 105.5 Hits Festival, live performances, with headliners Platinum Blonde & Tyler Shaw.
10. Uxbridge Arena, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
11. Elgin Park (Uxbridge)
12. Swiss Chalet, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
13. Pet Value, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
14. Shoppers Drug Mart, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
15. Pizza Pizza, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
16. Extreme Pita, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
17. Beer Store, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
18. Rutledge Jewellers, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
19. Tim Hortons, though 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
20. TuneIn ITunes Radio App, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)
21. Coffee Time, through 105.5 Hits FM (Durham)

Get your store, added to our list of sponsors, by simply sending an email to

Did you know, that every 7 Million streams, on the lowest streaming payout tear, is $34,000.00, thats split beween the creators on the song? Every stream counts and we appreciate all your support!

Just use your favourite streaming service, in order to for us to get paid! It's that simple!

Have a SOCAN license? Thats great, but we have never been paid by SOCAN, in any instance! By using your favourite streaming application like youtube, spotify, iTunes and many others, provides a far more secure way of being compensated, off our music plays in stores, then the method SOCAN has used for 30 years, with no tracking mechanism, leading to $0.00 across our entire network in the Durham region.

We would like to give a special thanks to our partners, across the region, who have decided to support local music, by committing to play our playlist, once per day. Some of our clients play it on re-peat, as we continue to update our rotation, with new, daytime business friendly music on the 1st of every month along with free give aways.

Our 14 year anniversary is coming up on July 30th and what better way to say thank you, then with a 57" Big Screen TV Giveaway, to put in your store and upgrade to a music video player! Every store, that commits to playing our playlist, once per day, in support of local music, will have their company name put in a draw, to win this beautiful 57" Display TV.

Winner announced on July 30th at 7:00 PM