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Musica Playlist & Repertoire

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  • Starts: Jan 12, 2019
  • Ends: Jan 12, 2020
Musica Playlist & Repertoire

This is a complete catalogue of all the songs you can license if,

1. You would like to perform the song live as a cover,
2. You would like to use the song in the background of your business,
3. DJ's Want to play the song in their set,
4. Radio Stations want to use it in their programming,
5. TV Shows want to use it on their programming,
5. Movies want to use it in their production,
6. You want to use the song as a part of your theatrical performance,
7. You want to use a sample from the song in a new creation.

Repertoire where we have uploaded a copy of the 'Source Copy'.

We own the 'Source Copy' through (1 ) creation, (2) signed contracts and (3) the broadcasting act that states, once a radio show is bounced down the host now becomes an 'owner' of that recording.

Our website stores an audio algorithm. This way if there are numerous songs with the same name, payments won't be given to the wrong account.

We also track the use of our music in businesses, generate reports and make claims for our copyrights.