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The 7 Gold Stars Music Awards Show & Red Carpet Gala

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  • Starts: Aug 6, 2020
  • Ends: Aug 6, 2020
The 7 Gold Stars Music Awards Show & Red Carpet Gala

Red Carpet, Music Awards Show! You could win a car to go on your next 7-city tour!

Welcome to the 7 Gold Stars Music Competition, for independent recording artists of any age across Canada and their music partners abroad.

Each profile contains the vital data for your album and single profiles, from submitted and acquired sales reports. We will claim your gold plaque once your profile reaches 40,000 stars. Every-time we process your sales reports, we update our client’s stars.

Only consider your highest selling songs and albums. The focus is to generate the most sales and be in a position to receive your gold, platinum and diamond plaques as you continue to generate more sales. We are able to do this for you once our members reach that point.

† Four Easy Steps to starting your independent chart profile.
Requirements to submit your song or album to our independent charts and open up your profile.

1. Have a minimum of 200 all time sales in Canada for the song and or album you are submitting
2. Submit a song that is of industry standard quality
3. Your MP3 Submission must be the clean (radio edit) version for consideration.
4. Make a $20.00 EMT payment for administration costs.

√ - If you’re having a hard time getting your sales data, creating your reports and growing your sales, please consider an option that over 100 Canadian music creators have chosen. Our management services cost a standard 15% commission rate off your sales from the date of signing to our management deal.

˜ Every client that makes it onto the platform will be considered for administrative management.

√ - The top 21 sales categories will be invited to the 2020 red carpet gala awards show in Toronto at a private location.
Top awards will receive a package of resources to engage their sales.

¥ - Email us anytime at

∂ - Show your support to our 21 recipients by sponsoring 1 of 21 awards.

√ - Submit your music, or help us support over 21 Canadian music awards recipients at the 2020, 7 Gold Stars Music Awards Show & Red Carpet Gala in Toronto in a private, secure location.

∆ - DON’T MISS OUT! Over 1 Million people are going to hear about this awards show leading up to the event on Thursday August 6th, 2020. Let’s support the independent Canadian music industry together.

√ - Get your logo on 1 of 21 prestigious music Awards, for every contribution of $1000.00 or more. What do the awards look like? A gold robot, with a built-in speaker that plays the song or album of the recipient. A sleek clean design. All creators and sponsors of the award will receive one and have both logos and names embroidered on the award.

∂ - If you are a small business, you can show your support for a contribution as low as $500.00, as apart of Canada’s initiative to help small businesses grow and flourish.

How are we reaching over 1 million people in the next year?

√ - By offering a Free car giveaway provided by our top sponsor(s), to support our local artists for their next tour, we are giving the show a competitive edge and having the word spread through the initiative to win the 7-gold star tour package.
That’s right, we have the support of a Canadian dealerships and business owners that have indicated their desire to provide the top music applicant(s), a free car, towards a pre-planned, three-month tour, to 7 Cities across Canada, offering support to the family of the artist and their fans through this contribution. This helps the artist(s) to promote the song or album, that won them the tour, based on a strict report identifying with the most deserving award recipient, in the recording artist categories directly associated to sales, paid streams and downloads.

∆ - Join us, as we support 7 Key sectors and contribute 10% of all profits to ‘The Music Trust’, where we provide financial support, to musicians in need”, over the next year leading up to this monumental music awards show presentation, in Toronto.
We would like to include you in our updates, press packages and branding opportunities as they continue to arise.
We would like to get your logo on the tour Van.

ϖ The right side of the van will have artist branding, picture, logo and social media tags,
ϖ The left side of the van will have 7 gold stars, representing the 7 cities the tour goes to.
ϖ The back of the vehicle will display all our top supporter logos.

√ - Your logo will be in a slide show video played on repeat, with music videos, Blog videos of the touring band and commercials by sponsors like yourself, if you have any video commercials to incorporate send them right away.